Professional video editing software needs to cover more and more functions in order to meet different requirements, be it 4K resolution, deep printing for 3D movies or 360 ° recording for VR (virtual reality) videos. Since the corresponding hardware is increasingly in private hands (for example, in the form of a high-resolution camera for smartphones or video cameras like the GoPro), even laymen need video editing software with which they can easily edit this video hardware.

Good news: affordable video editing software now offers many of the features used in professional film editing. We present the best video editing software 2019 for post-production professionals, budding YouTube stars and amateur filmmakers.

The good news is that affordable video editing software now offers many of the features used in professional film editing. We present the best video editing software 2019 for post-production professionals, aspiring YouTube stars and amateur filmmakers.

Compare the best video editing apps in 2020

Criteria Adobe Premiere Pro CC 12 Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 Apple Final Cut Pro X 10
Cost Subscription for around 24 € / month, with Creative-Cloud about 60 € / month About € 99 About € 330
Suitable for Professional and semi-professional users Beginners and advanced Advanced and semi-professional users
Operating system Windows, macOS Windows, macOS macOS
Image sequences Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Supports 360 ° virtual reality
Multi-camera editing
Movement tracking
3D processing Titles, transitions, After Effects Plugin: effects and animations
Supports 4K
Video format AVI, MOV, MXF, 3GPP / 3GPP2, BWF, ASF, AVC-Intra, AVCHD, H.264 AVC, M1V, M2T / M2TS, M2V, MPEG-1, -2 & -4, VOB, WAV, WMV AVCHD, H.264, HDV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QickTime, DV-AVI, WMV, WMA, VFR, HEIF (macOS), HEVC (macOS 10.13 and later) AVI, AVCHD, AVC-Ultra, DVCPRO HD, DV, ProRes, ProRes RAW, H.264, HDV, Quicktime, MOV, MPEG IMX, MP4, MTS / M2TS, MXF, iFrame, Motion JPEG, XAVC, XDCAM, RAW ( with Plugin)
Supports HEVC
Supports downloading on social media
Criteria Wondershare Filmora 8 EditShare Lightworks 14 Free Version Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta Cyberlink PowerDirector 16
Cost Freemium, Full version around 70 € Free (Full version around 340 € or 135 € for 1 year) Free beta version From around € 100
Suitable for Beginners Advanced and semi-professional users Advanced, semi-professional and professional users Beginners
Operating system Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Windows, Linux, macOS Windows, Linux, macOS Windows 7–10
Image sequences 11 Unlimited Unlimited 100
Supports 360 ° virtual reality
Multi-camera editing
Movement tracking
3D processing Yes, but additional costs (Effects Store) Headline Title, Compositing, Sound distribution, Particles Headline
Supports 4K ✔ (8K in full version)
Video format Import: AVI, DV-DIF, H.264, NSV, FLV, MKV, MP4, M4V, 3GPP, MOV, MPG, MPEG, DAT, TRP, WMV, ASF, DVR-MS Export: MP4, MOV, FLV, WEBM , 3GP, AVI, MKV AVI, Quicktime, MP2, MP4, WMV (only Export), MXF Op-1A and MXF Op-Atom, AVCHD Import: TS, ASF, M2V, VOB AVI, MOV, MP4, TIFF, AVCHD, AVC-Intra, MXF Op-Atom and Op-1A, MPEG-2, easyDCP, RAW, ArriRaw, Cin in 10/12 / 14bit, DPX, RMF, MPEG-2/4 , DNG, OpenEXR, R3D, VRW AVI, MPEG-Format, H.264, MOV, AVCHD, XAVC-S, TOD, VOB, WMV, MP4, 3GPP2. WMV, DV-AVI, DivX, WTV in H.264 / MPEG-2, HEVC in 8/10 bit, MKV, Dual-Stream-AVI, equidirectangular projection format for 360 ° video
Supports HEVC
Supports downloading on social media

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Professional video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC meets almost all the requirements of modern nonlinear video editing. In Adobe Creative Cloud , subscribers can also access Adobes After Effects directly if they have subscribed to it. This program is a powerful post-production tool. It allows you to add effects and graphics to your videos. In addition, Premiere Pro automatically downloads the Media Encoder . This helps you quickly and easily render the correct video format for your output medium. Adobe is also known for its user-friendly layout. If you’ve ever worked with other Creative Cloud programs, you can quickly get started with video editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro is only used with the subscription, which means regular editions. This investment is especially interesting for professional and semi-professional users . Thanks to the Creative Cloud package, they can also use various other image, sound and video programs, depending on the extent of their subscription. For better teamwork, the pack also contains a Cloud server . Team members can exchange data quickly and easily via this server.

However, we recommend beginners and more advanced users of the Adobe Elements family products that are more affordable. Although its functional range is more limited, it should however be sufficient for most semi-professionals. At the same time, Premiere Elements also offers beginners easy-to-understand functions that allow them to obtain presentable results, for example using automated video editing.

When you start Adobe Pro CC for the first time, you will first receive an introduction. The main menu is located at the top of the user interface. To select the desired workspace – from cut, color and audio design to effects and graphics – simply select the appropriate tab. The user interface then switches to the working environment (color correction in the image above). Under ”  Learn  “, the video editing program offers a series of tutorials. In the ”  Assembly  ” area, load your media in the project directory and store your files there. The other tabs are assigned to the different video editing categories.

You have at least one preview window for your sequence on the user interface. Premiere Pro also supports a second monitor to compare clips. Alternatively, you can see analysis visualizations such as Lumetri scopes in the image on the left. Below is the Timeline, where you can drag and drop clips and effect elements. Videos appear as thumbnails, audio tracks show the timeline as waves. To your left, your media is available in the minimized directory window . You can simply drag them to the desired track.


Thanks to the Lumetri Scopes, the experts succeed in producing striking image effects. Discover in this Lumetri tutorial from Adobe how to use this tool correctly.

Effects and graphics as well as color correction and mixing have several libraries: internal models, Adobe Stock , After Effects and their local collection. On Adobe Stock, you can also find professional filters and effects that you can buy.

Within Adobe Premiere Pro , you can rework your clips using a variety of handy tools. The video editing software offers individual controls and tabs in the drop-down menus. Text graphics can be seen in small preview windows.

When it comes to special effects, Adobe Premiere Pro cannot quite compete with other professional video editing applications. So Final Cut Special Effects integrates without sacrificing efficiency. However, Premiere Pro can already stop at high resolution video formats. For 4k videos , you absolutely need a high-performance graphics card and a good processor. You will also not find special effects and graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro . This requires a Creative Cloud subscription for Adobe After Effects. However, the 3D title includes the Premiere Pro toolbox.

The two-part arrangement is particularly useful for teamwork since several experts can work together on professional projects. The various working interfaces offer specialized tools for each individual mission area. They can all be linked in the Cloud. To this end, the manager creates a team project when the program opens. However, this function is mainly used for the production of elaborate films. This is why it is only accessible to corporate clients .

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 12.11 :

  • Competitor Cyberlink PowerDirector was one of the first to offer 360 ° virtual reality tools. Premiere Pro also steered the 2016 version in this direction but very little for 360 ° movies Now the video editing software finally has a 360-degree recording tool: Immersive Reality. Adobe has developed hand element kits for this purpose. Adobe has also developed suitable handset commands. With these, you can rotate and edit the image and rework it. In order to smoothly blend the edges of the image, Premiere Pro has revised the ”  VR: Level to Sphere  ” function.
  • If you use the Lumetri tools in combination with the second monitor. This will allow you to match the colors of two images. To do this, click on ”  color wheels and correspondence  ” then ”  Color correspondence  ” in the menu of the color correction tool and activate ”  Comparative view  “. If you check “Face Detection”, the video editing program captures the faces. This preserves the natural skin tones, even if you make significant color changes in the rest of the recording.
  • Another Lumetri innovation: Premiere Pro lets you create user-defined LUT directories.
  • In addition, it is finally possible to open two projects at the same time and to adopt the models from one project to the other.
  • Automatic attenuation highlights dialogues and automatically reduces the volume of background music.
  • The user interface for After Effects templates has a new look. This is to facilitate editing.
  • New RAW camera formats supported: Canon C200, Sony Venice, IPP2 for RED.
 In summary

Adobe Premiere Pro currently belongs to the best video editing software and offers countless possibilities for professional post productions. The clear presentation is subdivided into different workspaces. The Creative Cloud allows users with different tasks to work together on the same project. What Premiere Pro lacks in terms of effects, it makes up for with well-integrated plugins from other programs. Thanks to the many tutorials and a clear layout, even amateur filmmakers can achieve great effects with Premiere Pro . However, due to the relatively high monthly price, the program is only attractive to professionals.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements is Adobe’s video editing software for home use. Beginners create short clips, dynamic slideshows and short videos with this one. The library helps locate and organize videos on the hard drive.

Premiere Elements therefore does a lot of work for its users. Automation is the keyword. With color correction, editing and audio design models, even professional looking videos can be produced in a relatively short time.

To download Adobe Premiere Elements , you don’t need cloud access but an Adobe ID to sign up for Adobe Premiere Elements . You can get the software at fixed price. The minimum requirement for downloading is 4 GB RAM and 5 GB for the application (10 GB for optional items). In the test, the installation took some time. Then the program opens with a dialog window . If you buy the entire family of Elements, you can choose between Photoshop Elements, Organizer and Premier Elements.

To protect your privacy, the video will not load until after you click.

Optimize your photos via image editing, before placing them, for example, in a slideshow. The organizerhas, in comparison with the previous versions, benefited from some improvements. It now allows you to organize your media with tags and a filing system. The search criteria have also been improved. The program analyzes images and videos by means of artificial intelligence and facial recognition. For example, if you are looking for people, the search function lists images and videos that show people. If you are looking after specific places, the program determines the appropriate images taking into account your metadata. The tool still has some small aesthetic flaws but these will probably be improved in the next versions.

The video editing user interface has a few things in common with Premiere Pro . You will find four different user interfaces in the horizontal menu bar . Premiere Elements does not, however, differentiate between the different stages of professional work. Instead, it divides user interfaces into current Adobe Elements information (eLive), tutorials (Guided), and two editing modes: Quick and Expert . While Premiere Elements Pro follows the aesthetics of today’s cloud design, the design of Premiere Elementsappears a little dusty. However, this does not affect performance.


Want to bring your slideshows to life? Use the Video Paste tool in the Premiere Elements media directory . It combines photos, videos and music to create a dynamic video collage .

In Quick Mode , you work with the video editing storyboard. This is a quick and easy method for beginners. The user interface is supported by video preview. On the timeline below, you can see the individual images next to each other as an image preview. The top track is for text, the bottom track is audio tracks and effects. You can move clips on the Timeline by dragging them with the mouse. If you click on the start or end of a clip, you can shorten it. To cut a video element, fix the red cursor at a point (the starting point) and click on a later point of the clip (the end point). A scissor icon appears. Click on it to trim the video .

With templates, you can create your first video in minutes. To the right is the tool from the menu bar . Many of these correction tools work automatically. For example, the “Auto Smart Tone” function improves color tones with one click. The Quick Mode has several models to adapt the color tint and individual shades. With the built-in correctors, you can make fine adjustments. Under ”  Edit  ” you will find image effects and scene transitions as well as a list of all the effects applied. The “Add” function allows you to add text, sound and animated graphics to your video.

In Expert mode , you work with a professional, non-linear video editing environment. On the Timeline , you can edit multiple audio and video tracks and also add text and effects using professional tools. This mode offers more effects and transitions than fast mode. You also have more audio editing tools to choose from. In addition to the classic video track, there is a special audio track for the Timeline.

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Elements 2019:

  • Creations are generated automatically and displayed when the software is launched (optimization by Adobe Sensei)
  • The home screen has essential features , sources of inspiration , help and tutorials
  • News and tests of fun features
  • The software benefits from superior performance
  • VFR, HEIF (macOS) and HEVC (macOS 10.13 and later) formats are supported
  • Installation is faster
  • Quick Mode is optimized for touch screens
  • In terms of guided modifications, the panoramic glazing effect and the Fondu Luminance transition effect are among the new features.
  • Automatic creations can be shared without problems if you wish (optimized by Adobe Sensei)
  • The DVD burning is also new but available only on Windows.
 In summary

Adobe Premiere Elements differs from its sister program by focusing on another target group. As a result, Premiere Elements has a narrower spectrum of functionality. Thanks to its ease of use, amateur filmmakers can also get good results with the software. Automatic image correction and corresponding templates simplify the process. Thanks to the integrated tutorials, inexperienced users learn how and for what purpose they can use the expert tools. Therefore, we recommend video editing software, especially for untrained amateurs, who want to familiarize themselves with professional video editing software carefully.

Apple Final Cut Pro X 10

Final Cut Pro X is comparable to Adobe Premiere Pro in professional video editing. Unlike competitors from Adobe, video editing software only works exclusively on MacOS. This can cause accounting problems if a video is created in Mac format but launched on a Windows computer. So Final Cut convinces with a smooth operation but also by the media with high storage density. Complex projects are classified in the library using tags and an evaluation system. Professional audio editing functions and a large selection of visual effects complete the entire program.

Final Cut Pro X is the successor to Final Cut Pro , a special video editing program for experts. The new version offers more than the first iMovie cycle , which was preinstalled on the free Mac operating system. Final Cut Pro X aims to bridge the gap between the professional technology of its predecessor and the rather simple and user-friendly free applications. The tool palette includes enough tools to meet the needs of semi-professional and freelance users . In addition, the software costs significantly less than the professional version.

However, the Apple product rarely receives updates unlike its competitor from Adobe. Updates are done automatically via the Apple App Store. For example, the latest version adds a color correction tool that can compete with Premiere Pro . In addition, the Apple product supports 360-degree video editing with many functions and a resolution of up to 8K.

As one of the best video editing software in the world, Final Cut Pro X offers a powerful database: the Smart Library . The directory imports the media, recognizes the content of the image like people, and sorts the clips according to their size (totals, semi-totals, etc.) or their stability.

A special feature is what is called the roller tool . This tool helps you organize your tracks. Each clip plays a specific role in the film: it can be background noise, a video clip or subtitles. Each of these roles is assigned a specific color. The tool allows you to create custom roles for your project. Then assign specific colors to each role, for example light green for dialog boxes. On the Timeline, you will see the colored tracks.

The non-marking Magnetic Timeline is another innovation. Classic nonlinear timelines have multiple free tracks, Final Cut has one main track. Like a tree diagram, audio tracks and effects branch out. If you move a clip with a connected audio track, that track follows it on the Timeline. Magnet function allows you to attach successive clips to each other. If you shorten a clip, everyone else advances. To connect several clips to form a unit, use the Connect clips function. This allows you to keep your timeline very clear, even when working on large film projects. If, on the other hand, you want to separate the audio and video tracks from a clip, simply double-click on the clip.


If you want to include a space in the Timeline, go to Edit > Insert Generator and select the “Gap” menu item. The keyboard shortcut Option + W . The gap can then be adjusted using the Cut tool.

Final Cut Pro X includes a remarkable number of video and audio effects (over a hundred each). These include titles and 3D frames . You can customize each of the effects. If you integrate additional special effects functions via plugins , Final Cut integrates them directly into the user interface.

What’s New in Final Cut Pro X 10.4 :

  • Apple offers new features for its ProRes format. For example, if you import HDR video or 4K formats directly from your camera, you can edit them as ProRes RAW in the original RAW image quality. At the same time, the new ProRes format saves storage space. To get the most out of it, you need an HDR-compatible camera and a monitor that correctly displays HDR colors.
  • As with Adobe Premiere Pro, the new color correction consists of color wheels. This allows you to change the brightness, colors and intensity. The tool distinguishes shadows, highlights and midtones. You can also adjust the entire image. Use the sliders to change the shading and color temperature. You can use color curves to correct individual color values. Final Cut lets you customize the desktop to suit your needs and shorten work steps with keyboard shortcuts.
  • More and more film producers include subtitles in different languages ​​or for the hearing impaired in their online videos . In the current update to Final Cut, the subtitle tool makes this work easier. You can create text directly in the program or import text files , even for multiple languages. Just connect the clips and subtitles to the Timeline. If you change the layout , the changes are displayed directly in the preview window. Final Cut also allows you to easily upload your finished videos to video platforms. Video editing program supports Vimeo and YouTube to this end.
  • Final Cut Pro X is a step ahead in 360-degree video editing . Unlike Premiere Pro , it even offers users a complete assembly tool . This tool allows you to merge your panoramic views. The tool even masters the detailed textures of grass, for example. You can also use the patch tool to remove your gear from the image. Not all software offers this. If your computer has sufficient computing power, you can even use video editing software to edit 360-degree recordings with a resolution of up to 8K. Use the appropriate filters or horizon correction .
  • The current version of Final Cut Pro X also allows you to import and export XML formats . This allows you to continue working on your project with other applications. So you can use DaVinci Resolve , which has its strengths in this area, for color correction, and then continue working with Final Cut . XML also facilitates the transfer of projects from mobile systems such as iOS.
  • However, Final Cut X Pro 10 is not natively backward compatible with earlier versions of Final Cut Pro (7 and earlier). To import projects from it, you will need a plugin such as SendToX which is chargeable.
 In summary

Final Cut Pro X continues to expand its range of functions. As a successor to the professional Final Cut Pro tool, the video editing program combines its professional editing tools with the user-friendly use of iMovie. With integrated 360-degree video editing, high video quality with consistently good performance, and improved color correction, Final Cut Pro X 10 is a compelling choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

Wondershare Filmora 8.5

Wondershare Filmora is a good entry-level video editing program. Even inexperienced users can create presentable videos in minutes using simple mode . Because in this mode, you leave most of the work to the software. Just upload your video clips and music to the program. The rest is done by an algorithm. The advanced mode , on the other hand, offers you all the usual functions with which you can create your own video. In Action Cam mode, you optimize the videos you have recorded with special cameras such as the GoPro. You optimize the image, adjust the colors and the speed. Instant-Cutteris a simple editing tool without accessories. Use it to cut the clips and assemble them.

The slim software is quickly downloaded; the video editing program can be installed in a few clicks. On the home screen, select the image format of your project and one of the editing modes mentioned. In addition to the widescreen, standard and smartphone formats (16: 9, 4: 3 and 9:16 respectively), there is also an “Instagram format” (1: 1).

In advanced mode , you have more freedom. The left bar shows you the different tool themes within a category (here: different filter themes). On the far right you can see the video preview. In between, you will find drag and drop elements (for example the “Canvas” filter) that you will drag onto the Timeline and integrate into the video. For more complex projects, expand the Timeline by clicking on ”  Add a new track” . The maximum is eleven tracks. For most amateur publishers, this should suffice. The selection of tools above the Timeline is not very large, but it includes all the basic functions.

Beginners and amateur filmmakers can take advantage of post-production with the existing selection. They simply download media such as videos, photos or music. Video editing software imports many popular video formats (see our comparison table for details) and can export MP4 and MOV files. Popular audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA or AMR are no more problematic than JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF or TIFF.

With a little practice, even beginners can create cinematic effects with this video editing software.

The special mode for action cameras makes Filmora interesting for filmmakers who like to play sports or work with portable devices. Watch your video clip on a track in the form of a storyboard and a preview. The toolbar has three categories: Repair, Speed, and Color . In the Repair category , for example, you can adjust the lens curvature and aspect ratio. In Preferences you will find a large number of common action cameras. When you select a camera, Filmoraoptimizes the video based on the preset lens settings. You can improve shaky videos with noise by clicking the Noise reduction check box.

Use the Speed ​​tool to define the stunt scene. Slow-Motion plays slower movements, which are otherwise too quick for the eye. Each video editing software must also be equipped with a color corrector . This is also available in Action Cam mode. Filters and thumbnails allow quick adjustment, but you can also adjust colors manually and specifically.

 In summary

Filmora is one of the best video editing software for beginners. You won’t find professional tools in vain, but the clear toolbar allows inexperienced users to easily create high-resolution videos with professional-looking effects. You can even create small slideshows in minutes. If you don’t want your videos to show the Filmora watermark , you have to invest around € 70 for the full version. There are even cheaper video editing software out there, but they lack some essential features. With Filmora , you get good software for beginners with a user-friendly design and enough functions to feel like a real editor.

EditShare Lightworks Free 14

Lightworks video editing software from EditShare LLC has already been used to cut Hollywood movies. The full version of the professional tool is therefore accompanied by an annual license of at least 170 €. Lightworks was created as a video editing program for specialist publishers . As a result, features such as audio editing were scarce at first. The tool palette consisted mainly of professional editing tools. Lightworks therefore also supports non-linear video editing via keyboard shortcuts . Manufacturer sells color-coded keyboardwith predefined shortcuts. Older versions are not recommended for private users who need as wide a range of features as possible. In the meantime, however, the developers have incorporated more options for editing audio tracks and effects in the software.

The free edition does without certain functions. The full version supports more codecs. Compared to Filmora, video editing is less fun. Just drag a filter or a sticker on the timeline: it’s fast, but there is a risk of overloading the video. With Lightworks , you work meticulously on color correction controls.

The new layout visually separates the work steps using separate user interfaces. The tabs allow you to easily switch between your media database, editing, effects, and audio editing.

To download the video editing program from the manufacturer’s site, you must create a free account. The software is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bits), Linux (in RPM or DEB) and macOS (in DMG). You can choose between a stable version and the beta version. If you open the program after installation, you will be asked to create a new project. Then adjust the frame rate of your video: 24 to 60 frames per second . The video editing software will convert your clips accordingly.

You import your multimedia data into the journal directory . This is integrated into your user interface. This allows you to manage your media directly in your video editing program. In the ” Project content ” tab   , you can see all the project files. In addition to local media , Lightworks offers two libraries with archive footage , which you can purchase: audio network for background music and sounds and Pond5 for videos. The models are designed mainly for professional users who edit commercial films.

Next to the LOG tab are the ” EDIT”, “VFX” and “AUDIO” machining interfaces  In the new edition of Lightworks , editing, effects and audio each have their own user interface. Previous versions solved different tasks via tool windows on a single user interface. This old layout setting can still be found on the home page under ”  System settings  ” (symbol: two speeds). To do this, click on “Project layout”. Change the display from ”  Fixed  ” to ”  Flexible  ” (freely customizable). If you click on your project, you will see an interface that you can configure as you wish.

The program gives advice when you use a tool for the first time. Especially beginners will often need this functionality. Although the user interface offers intuitively understandable tools, the program is mainly aimed at a professional target group. Lay people must first familiarize themselves with the program. So you work with tools at a professional level . The settings for color correction, for example, can be made precisely in the ” VFX  ” tab  . You can also adjust the titles according to your wishes.

Under the preview windows, you can edit metadata and marker markers (in white square brackets as start and end points of a scene) in the EDIT tab of the Timeline.

The AUDIO user interface provides a wider view of the Timeline for audio tracks. To the left of the preview window, you will find some audio tools, such as the crossfade and noise correction tools. Compared to previous versions, new tools have been added, such as the Wind Noise Compensator (reduces wind noise from external recordings) and the elimination of 50 Hz and 60 Hz humming. By clicking on “Apply” ‘effect’, you can tailor these effects more precisely to your needs.

The free version exports the finished videos directly to the social video platforms Vimeo and YouTube , as MP4 files with image quality up to 720p. Of course, you can also record your video locally. The video receives a watermark. You can burn your video to CD or Blu-Ray only with the full version with fees.

 In summary

Lightworks Free is a non-linear editing program for advanced and professional users. The user interface is very clear thanks to the new presentation. This allows for an exact division of labor. The focus continues to be on video editing, despite improvements to the audio and effects offer. If you need more post-production features, you can extend Lightworks with plugins. An interesting feature is that you can put videos directly online. For the release, we would like to have a larger choice of file formats, as is already the case with other providers.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta

The software DaVinci Resolve Studio Blackmagic is a real professional tool with which Hollywood directors also work. DaVinci Resolve combines editing, sound processing, effects and color correction in a single application. The functions are sophisticated, but require a certain level of prior knowledge. The DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta version is currently available for free (status as of 06/30/2018). All you have to do is register before downloading. Blackmagic also offers software-compatible hardware professionals, for example, special control panels for professional color correction.

The new version of the video editing program surprises with an update of functionality. DaVinci Resolve 15 now integrates the Fusion special effects program natively into its user interface. DaVinci Resolve 14 was already linked to the Fairlight audio editing program. The current beta version integrates the tool even better. The program combines video and sound editing with special effects and animation functions on a single platform. As the project is set up , you can make adjustments ranging from SD quality to Ultra HD.


In the new version, you save loading time. When you open a project, the timeline you last worked on is loaded directly. So you need less RAM at a time. If you open another Timeline, you must load it briefly. If you want to work without delay, select the option ”  Load all timelines when starting a project  ” under ”  User settings  ” in the ” Save projects  ” window  . However, this mode requires more RAM.

Video editing software offers many tools and features: from timeline stacks to audio track controls to precise transitions even with time distortion . As a result, a number of toolbars are assembled on the user interface. If you don’t need a tool, just reduce it. Two preview windows allow you to control your work. Below you will find the chronology. You can edit several clips on the video track at the same time by selecting them with the mouse. In the selected Timeline packages, you can cut multiple scenes at once. The contextual cutting toolhelps you define the best cut. The multi-camera tool also allows you to capture multiple perspectives in a scene. The tracking tool tracks objects. Both tools allow you to seamlessly merge multi-camera scenes. The free version works with a frame rate of 60 fps (full version: 120 fps).

3D video editing already existed in the previous version. Add titles in 2D or 3D. The integration of daylight also allows the distribution of sound in 3D . There is no separate editor for 360 ° videos, but you can edit them. But make sure that the resolution and frame rate of your video match your Timeline settings.

 In summary

DaVinci Resolve 15 is rightly regarded as one of the best video editing software on the market. Resolve has gone from a non-linear video editing program, already very mature, with unbeatable color correction, to a complete video editing platform. It now includes native Fairlight audio editing . The new Fusion interface for special effects and animation completes the already rich offer. Resolve 15allows you to edit a wide variety of formats. Preview multi-camera productions and track packages marked side by side. Smartly designed tools help you to perfectly adjust sound and image, even for multiple clips. We recommend the free version to semi-professional users.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 16

The Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 is voted over and over again by many testers in the forefront of video editing software. And rightly so, because video editing software offers more than enough functionality for home use. Whether it’s a slideshow or a small film project , the program even allows beginners to get attractive results in no time. At the same time, the software still works reliably: where other programs get bogged down during editing, the PowerDirector preview videos almost always run smoothly. The program is also a pioneer of 360-degree video editing.. The price is in the middle of the acceptable range. Despite the relatively high memory requirements of video editing software, download and installation are progressing rapidly.

The start window welcomes you with five choices. You can use Timeline mode , popular with professionals, or Storyboard mode to edit videos. Use the 360 ​​° Editor to tweak your 360 ° videos. The slideshows are also possible. Choose the right image format right away. Convenient for users who record simple videos with their smartphone : PowerDirector also allows you to work in 9:16 vertical format.

The user interface is neat and offers a variety of editing options for beginners. In timeline mode, for example, you just need to load your media into a new project via Edit> Import. Drag and drop the clips onto the video and audio tracks in the desired order. The MultiCam Director allows you to refine a scene from different perspectives and join up to four tracks together.

On the right side of the screen, you can view the preview of your movie. The thin menu bar on the far left contains your toolbox . After clicking on one of the icons, all effect models and editing options are displayed in the free area next to it. Under “fx” you will find simple filters . Drag the desired effect (“Old movie” with its sepia in the image) onto the corresponding track to apply it to a clip. The text elements such as titles or credits can be dragged on the text track. If you select the microphone icon, you can add voice comments. Add music and effect sounds to the Music track.

PowerDirector also offers several menu templates . You can use them to create a user interface for DVD or Blu-Ray that you have burned yourself. You can also share your work on online platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

The slide shows can also be created in a few steps. First import the desired images, then select a playback style (motion, camera, normal) and add the appropriate music. Check your work in Preview. Then render or share the slideshow.

 In summary

Work with Cyberlink PowerDirectoris extremely easy. The intuitive user interface even allows beginners to create engaging videos. Color adjustment and sound adjustments are easy to do. Even 4K videos can be edited with video editing software without losing quality. Its ease of use is particularly impressive, even in 360 ° mode and in MultiCam Director. The set of templates is suitable for high quality personal videos. However, professionals will not be very satisfied with the size of this collection. The manufacturer refers to additional packages for sound or special effects of specific events, but some of them cost more than the program itself. For experienced enthusiasts, the Director Suite 6, which includes Photo, Audio and ColorDirector, is the best choice.